Posted by: themonroefamily | May 10, 2010

30 States and counting

Finally, our SUP Across America, that’s SUPAA for short,  is now planned….and when all is said and done we’ll have touched 30 states!  As we planned the trip on Yahoo maps, we used up A to Z!

SUP or Bust….this photo says it all–Beverly Hillbilly’s got nothin’ on our family!  I bet we’ll get pretty quick at puttin’ the boards on the roof throughout our trip!

Next step, a bit more research–that’s got Michael’s name of it–about the waterways we’ll be SUP’ing on!  Lake Tahoe will be the first on the trip.  We hope to be able to blog on day after day to share our adventures, trials and tributaries–without alligators, of course.  I’m learning that’s that’s an important question anywhere south of Maryland.  Much to my surprise, there are alligators outside of a zoo, apparently!

Today’s SUP was awesome, wind and all, out at the FC Lagoon.  We thought we chance the wind today and it worked out just fine, if a bit chilly.  With an optimistic attitude, Mia and I wore our sweats and sweatshirts–and we stayed on the board, dry and warm.  Optimism wins every time!  Good fun, a challenge and a fun time!


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