Posted by: themonroefamily | May 16, 2010

Family SUP with Joanna, too!

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Mia’s friend, Joanna, joined in on the fun today.  We went to the Foster City Lagoon for an afternoon of SUPing.  It was just warm enough to be mostly comfortable…

Joanna’s adventuresome and a quick learner.  She and Mia hopped on their boards and Michael followed.  Joanna was determined to keep dry and stay atop of her board!  And she did just that.  Here’s a few of the photos…

Michael, Mia and Joanna going out from the boat launch for the first time.

Joanna just stood up for the first time. "Good job, Joanna!"

"Just like an old pro!"

"Paddle, Mini! You're doing awesome!"

A good SUP was had by all.  Mia and Joanna even braved the waters for a bit of a swim!  Which looked “good on paper” until they got out of the water….brrrrrr, chilly!  Silly girls.


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