Posted by: themonroefamily | May 24, 2010

Baylands SUP Sunday 5/23/2010

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Thank goodness the weather guessers, err I mean the weather forecasters, got it wrong–no rain, no wind and not too cold, either!  We’ve waited for this weekend for a few weeks.  At the Baylands in Palo Alto it’s necessary to line up just right the following:  high tide, no wind and no working my office…all at the same time on the same day.  Not an easily accomplished feat!

Today, though, we were blessed with all three conditions lined up just right.  First thing this morning, Michael piled the boards on the top of the Rav 4, tied ’em down, and off we went.

It was our first true adventure outside of the Foster City Lagoon.  We chatted with a park ranger who gave some very good advice:  wear our life jackets (PFD) when SUPing at the Baylands–the mud can be very difficult to deal with if you should run into an, err, ah problem getting too close to the edge of the slough.

With PFDs securely fastened, we set the boards in the water and off on our adventure to see the slough.  We saw a young seal hanging out at the mouth of the bay, lots and lots of shorebirds and beauty all around…and NO mud run ins.  High tide is a wonderful thing, I’d say.

As you can see by the slide show above, it’s a beautiful place to explore.

Panning with the camera...and Michael ended up in just the right the right time!

Look closely, there's Michael and Mia...

Mia in the middle of it all!

One paddle, two paddle....three paddles.


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