Posted by: themonroefamily | June 20, 2010

SUPAA–Lake Tahoe

SUPAA—Stand Up Paddle Across America is finally a reality!  First stop on our tour of waterways, lakes, oceans and what all:  North Shore Lake Tahoe.

First thing in the mornin'....before the boaters show up!

Check out the snow covered mountains in the background--remember it's the middle of June~

Words can't improve upon this photo....

First thing in the morning, boards on car, we headed for Kings Beach.  A quick carry to the water’s edge, a brief but brrrrr cold step in to the recent snow melted water and up and paddling we went.

Sgt. Urbanski's got the best seat in the house!

The water’s crystal clear, the scenery is amazing….and there’s still snow on many of the mountain—IN JUNE!  Sgt. John Urbanski went SUPing with us–his first ever SUP.  Look at the water through the window!

Mia and Michael venturing on tour.

Kelly's up and going (and staying dry!)

Look at Michael, blue as far as he can paddle.

And more blue...beautiful isn't it?

Michael's on the left and Mia's on the right with a lot of beauty inbetween.

Michael's leading the way...and trying to stay on top of the board as the waves from the boat pass by.

We toured around to the left of Kings Beach for a good while, learning to “surf” the waves produced miles away by the boaters.  Well, ok, so it isn’t exactly surfing, it’s more like “hit the deck, don’t fall in and wait for the swells to pass!”

Paddle, Kelly!

Does it get any better? Michael and Mia touring about.

All boards that's comin' aboard--Packing up at the end of our paddle at Kings Beach. Can you see the reflection of the snow capped mountains?

After a good amount of SUPing, we all developed a good hunger and stopped over for a delicious rib-sticking breakfast at The Log Cabin Caffe–a must-eat when you’re in the North Shore Area, it’s really goooood!

Mia with her "movie-star shade" and Sgt. Urbanski.

We went for a visit to two of the local SUP shops—very helpful, encouraging, friendly, knowledgeable—if you’re in the North Shore area of Tahoe, definitely stop in to the shops—they’re really easy to find, just look along Kings Beach at the beach and across the street.  In Tahoe Adrift, there were amazing photos of Sand Harbor–that was to become our next stop.

After dinner, we went for a sunset paddle at Sand Harbor (Nevada side of the lake), well marked and easily found.  HUGE round boulders stick out of the water like bowling pins just outside of the boat launch…and upon looking down, those same boulders are directly below us, too.  Wow, what an experience—mental note, keep a look out for the those boulders that are so far under the surface as they can cause you to come to sudden and jarring stop and next is the fall into the icy water!  This time of year, Lake Tahoe is definitely a “no-fall-zone.”

Sand Harbor--look out for those boulders!

Kelly paddling past those beautiful boulders at Sand Harbor.

Mia posing for the photo journalists!

Check out this view for Sgt. Urbanski--How's that ride so far, John?

An all arounder from the 'lil inlet at the Sand Harbor Beach--Do you see Mia on the left?

Michael's reflection--Kelly's always on the hunt for a great reflective shot....

Kelly paddling from the beach area--Wow, look at that scenery!

We stayed out paddling until the last ‘lil bits of sunshine went behind the mountains for the night.

The beginning of a magnificent sunset at Sand Harbor--Michael.

Michael at sunset.

Kelly just can't resist silhouette shots either....

Mia paddling into the last rays of sunshine for the day.

Michael and Mia as the last, last rays of sunshine play on the water.

Sgt. Urbanski enjoys the last bits of sun--What a view, huh!

We had a memorable first day of our SUPAA trip.  Next stop:  Idaho.



  1. Wow! What beautiful scenery and a more beautiful family (including SGT Urbanski)! You all continue to have a great time and keep us posted with your gorgeous pics! Give John a big hug for me and the girls!

    • John’s having so many adventures, Regina! Wait ’til I can post the photos from WY and Grand Tetons…he went SUP’ing on String Lake–good thing we all stayed on our boards–water was 45 degrees or less….

      More to come,

      Hugs, Kelly, Michael and Mia

  2. It was great meeting all of you, at the beach! Beautiful pictures, if you get a chance I would like you to send me that picture on the beach…. Take Care and God Bless!! Beautiful Family!!

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