Posted by: themonroefamily | June 23, 2010

SUPAA–Idaho or BUST….

It’s off to the wild blue yonder…a.k.a. Boise, ID, to see JD and his family.  Our day started with the new “get-it-all-in-car-somewheres” routine that will be our lives for the next month!

First stop:  Another yummy breakfast from Log Cabin Caffe—belly full, gas tank full…Nevada Stateline here we come.

Over hills and down dell, Reno flew by in a flash (it’s not all that big of a place, right?)…now the wide open beautiful northern desert of Nevada headed straight for the mountains of Oregon.  We all wondered what downtown Elko would really look like…well, it’s a, um, ‘lil ‘ole town with not much more than a convoluted route to transition onto to the next highway up to Oregon…

Look at those lines on the side of the "wall"...imagine its history.

Mountains....and more mountains

Use your side view mirror to measure your progress...

But wait, there's more...

Wow, the beauty of the mountains heading to Oregon left us speechless…but not typeless, of course.  The terrain was amazing and so were the storms forming all

around us—that delivered big ‘ole rain drops.

Reflect on this reflection--look at storm brewing

Ok, so there's just a few landscape shots...

Kelly just can't resist those rear view mirror shots...Can you tell?

Finally the Oregon border….notice the bird at the top of the sign, how appropriate, wouldn’t you agree?

Can you the "greeter" at the top of the sign?

A Lewis and Clark Opportunity to the left—gotta explore a bit, right?  We started down a dirt road not knowing what we were looking for, but the sign was intriguing!  First we met Fred, the cow.

If it was good enough for Lewis and Clark, then.....famous last words!

Meet Fred, the cow.

Next we came across this ‘lil bit of water and Michael exclaimed, “Looks like a SUP’rtunity to me…never mind the barbed wire…”

Never mind the barbed wire, just SUP!

Finally, the Lewis and Clark Expedition Find—a grave yard of some historical figure…but the image of the American flag made for a nice photo.  Back down the dirt road to continue on to Boise.  On second thought, I guess we could have slowed down to read the sign….

Old Glory still flies proudly.

More mountains, and more mountains, well you get the idea….and finally the Idaho border—I do wonder how many other people shout, “Stop the car, there’s the sign!!  I gotta get a picture of that one!”

The sky is so different everywhere we travel...Kelly loves the play of the clouds reflected on her window in the side view mirror. That's a whole 'lotta reflections...

IDAHO!!!  This first leg of a our trip is almost done…that’s short for “Are we there yet?”  A question we’re all asking ourselves about now…

That's 3 states in one day!

Just past the border, through more mountains, we came across this photo op at a rest stop with some pretty interesting Idaho history….who knew?

Idaho does a fantastic job documenting its history throughout the state.

What an amazing lookout...Welcome to Idaho!

Finally, we arrived in Boise, just in time to visit with JD and family…and to enjoy a delicious home cooked meal—thanks for your hospitality!

The next morning the grand hunt for cold water entry began—you know it’s possible that one can fall off one of those boards and land in 45 degree water….brrrrrr, not a good thing as Ms. Stewart might say.

With neoprene parts all put together, we started on our trek to Sun Valley to meet up with JD and Miss Chloe…We followed the Snake River for quite some time…sure does look enticing for a SUP’rtunity…but JD cautions against trying that one.

The we head up through the hills to Sun Valley…and the sun was beginning to set and magnificent changes were happening to the surrounding landscape—we would have posted all 500 photos, but thought that we didn’t have a month of Sundays to wait to upload ‘em all, so these will help round out the idea…

This photo needs to further intro...

Can you see the snow topped mountains in the distance? Hmmm, is this a sign of the temps of the air and water??

Wow! That's a whole 'lotta snow...and it's beautiful.

Check out the sunset, this drive has been absolutely stunning.

Next Up:  Exploring Sun Valley


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