Posted by: themonroefamily | June 23, 2010

SUPAA–Sun Valley Exploration

Sgt. Urbanski with a bumper sticker on a truck in Sun Valley.

“Brr, it’s cold up here, Sgt. Urbanski!”  “Indeed, who would have thought there’d be snow anywhere but Alaska in mid June!” answered Sgt. Urbanski.

“Well, boys (and girls), let’s make the best of it.  I hear JD’s a great tour guide.  Let’s head out for the mountains above Sun Valley,” remarked Cpt. Camel.

We all hoped in the RAV4 and headed out for a delicious breakfast.

First stop…

JD says he's never seen a goat up here, but we're game to take a looksee...

No goats, but an amazing landscape...lucky goats!

Mia and Miss Chloe hanging out on the rock in the meadow.

Mia's flying squirrel act!

All right, everybody back in car…let’s go see what’s the next photo op!  We drove up and up and up, and saw beautiful sights.  The mountain tops covered with a blanket of fresh snow.  It may be chilly, but the snow creates beauty we would have missed without it.  There’s never all good or all bad.  This is spectacular and JD’s a fantastic guide.  He does know his facts~and that’s a good thing!

Hmm, this makes it easy to remember where this photo was taken! Michael, Mia, JD and Miss Chloe.

The road to Lake Pettite

"Brr, Sgt. Urbanski! Are you sure this is really summer?" asked Can-Do.

Wow, what a reflection...Sun Valley's got vivid landscapes!

Thanks for the great photo, JD.

This is a definite-must-SUP'rtunity...when the air temps are higher than 45 degrees...=-)

Lake Pettite is AMAZINGLY breathtaking.

What a backdrop for a photo op!

"Oh, boy, Sgt. Urbanski, the Monroe's can't wait to come back with their boards!" Cpt. Camel said.

JD, Miss Chloe and Mia pose for the camera.

One last flying leap before the confinement of the car....

Red Fish Lake, next stop!  Wow, they have Stand Up Paddle boards!  Michael almost hopped on one, but one good sized gust of wind with the wind chill…and the wakes from the boaters stopped him in his tracks.  It was a fun day, filled with beauty, friends, food and fun.  Thanks, JD and Miss Chloe, for a great day.

Next:  Travel to the wild, wild west (or is that east!) to Wyoming…


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