Posted by: themonroefamily | June 28, 2010

SUPAA–The Wild, Wild West…or going further East, depending upon how you may look at it..

On the way from Sun Valley, Idaho, to Jackson Hole, Wyoming, we enjoyed the beauty of the drive and kept on coming across what looked to be some great SUP’rtunities in the Snake River.  After 4 or 5 of ’em, we could stand it no longer!

Just outside of Pocatello, ID, we pulled off the road because inquiring minds wanted to know just what are the SUP’rtunties in what seemed to be calm waters…the rangers said, “Be careful, wear a life jacket…and be careful!”

What's in a name anyhow?

After some quick study, a change into wet suits and life jackets, Michael tried first.

Michael, the adventurous one, goes first!

Up and SUP'ing the Snake River--Way to go, Michael!

"Michael, you always make everything look so easy!!"

What a beautiful (and calm) part of the Snake.

Upon his obvious successes, Kelly went in next.

Kelly gives the Snake a spin.

Kelly's up and going...and staying dry. She says, "It was so amazing, challenging to stay up on going the right direction, and the sights we're all worth it!!"

"I'm soooo glad we got to SUP in Idaho!," Kelly said with a big 'ole grin.

Michael and Kelly SUP'ing together--Great photo, Mia!

Next Mia joined in, her Daddy at her side for good measure…

Mia's turn to tame the Snake...

"Great job, Mini, you're standing on the Snake!"

Kelly's panoramic feature on her camera--just can't resist it...

The grasses blowing with the wind against a blue, blue sky.

We all enjoyed the paddle, the challenge of a river with a bit of wind and the beauty of the Massacre Rocks State Park with the Snake River…inspite of its ominous sounding name.

On the road again, Wyoming bound…no really we are…

Only the shadow knows--going East...

Up the mountain, over the hill...and down dell...all in the dark!

Now, that’s progress!  Jackson Hole here we come…Hope they left the light on…



  1. Outstanding pics Kelly & Mia! Great going on the snake!

    Keep it up and you all stay up~

    Love the blog!

  2. Love being able to keep up with you guys as you travel the country. Thanks for taking us along for the adventure

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