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SUPAA–Grand Tetons, Yellowstone and Bears

The state sign craze continues...

They did Leave the Light On in Jackson Hole, WY!  We awoke to see a landscape like none other–remember, we did come through the area in pitch black and missed the majestic mountains all over the place–snow capped, and all.

We (um, well, Michael, that is) loaded the boards on the roof, we grabbed breakfast, turned on the GPS–driving straight for the Grand Tetons!

Woweeeeee! Look at them 'thar' hills!

String Lake here we come!

The beauty and excitement of finally being here was overwhelming…everywhere, I mean everywhere, you look it’s spectacular.  The snow covered peaks helped to frame the landscape in ways that actually made us grateful for the cold weather–neoprene helps to buffer that thought!

After what seemed like a long time, driving 2 miles on a dirt road helped to add to that feeling, we arrived at String Lake!  No boaters, no wakes, all flat, mirror like surfaces–my oh my!

"String Lake at last!! The last one in's a rotten egg!"

Sgt. Urbanski and Can-Do hop onto Kelly's board and away they go!

Kelly's camera could hardly keep up with the demands of the next photos--Look at this scenery, can you blame her?

Kelly and Mia touring about String Lake.

"Look up, look around."

"Smile for the camera....again, Michael and Mia!"

What words can you use to describe this better than the actually photo?

Michael, Kelly, Sgt. Urbanski, and Can-Do SUP'ing String...

"Hey, Sgt. Urbanski, it's your turn to paddle!"

Michael enjoying the beauty all around and the fish below.

"All done for the moment...time for some exploring around this amazing National Park...Do you think we'll find some bears, Mia?" asked Can-Do.

Those neoprene suits sure do keep you warm…bordering upon becoming a ‘baked potato’ as the sun warms the earth so nicely.  We took a break from SUP’ing to check out other parts of the park for a bit.

Ahh, more of Kelly's wacky side view mirror shots...and more to come...

hmmm, window reflections, too...

Lots and lots of trees...of course.

The Monroe’s explored up and down the roads in the park, enjoying all that there is…when they came across a lodge at Jackson Lake…looked soooo very nice with these lake-front cabins.

“Just imagine waking up in the morning and putting your board into the water for a sunrise paddle,” mused Michael.  At the end of the cabins..this ‘lil path lead down to the lake…and….

"Check it out, looks like a SUP'rtunity to me!" said Michael.

“Indeed it’s another water adventure to be had,” remarked Sgt. Urbanski.  “No time like the present,” remarked Kelly as she helped to carry the paddles down to the lake.

"Thanks, Sgt. Urbanski and Can-Do, great photog skills, you got all three of us in the photo!"

Wow, what a photo op with the Tetons in the background.

Michael went out to the middle of Jackson Lake to capture this breathtaking image--WOW!

Michael returned from his middle of the lake tour--and he managed to stay on the board inspite of the wakes from the many boaters.

“What do you say we go check out Yellowstone…Grand Teton Park and Yellowstone are connected, ya know,” suggested Cpt. Camel.  “Oh, that sounds like a great idea–what do you say Monroe’s?” asked Sgt. Urbanski (remembering all those times he stopped for Kelly to take “just one more photo, I promise”  last year while they were visiting Clarksville).  “Sure thing, John,” answered Michael…and the car was packed, racked and ready to explore…”Yellowstone,  here we come!”

The boys in front of da' sign...Can-Do, Cpt. Camel and Sgt. Urbanski

The river that runs at the south end of it flows into Jackson Lake.

Mia clowning for the rear view shot.

Just beautiful the way the trees frame the view.

“Time to head out to our next stop, Riverton, WY….let’s head back through the Tetons,” Michael said as he turned the car around.  “Keep your windows up, the state bird of Wyoming, a.k.a. the common mosquito, is out in full force looking for their next meal!”  Zoom, we were on our way out, when we saw a bunch of folks stopped along the road side and like sleep, we had to stop to at least find out what was so special…afterall, people are like sheep, aren’t we?

"A real life grizzy bear! Boy, wait 'til we tell Sgt. Bear about this one, Cpt. Wonder if it's his long lost cousin?" exclaimed Cpt. Camel. "Those silly tourists getting out of their cars to get a closer look, bet the grizzy is lickin' his chops lookin' at them!"

“Well, that bear’s getting too close for comfort, let’s keep on heading on down the road out of here,” prompted Michael.  A few minutes down the road, “STOP the car, I gotta have a picture of thaaaattttt!” Kelly requested.

Wow, wonder what the sunset's going to be like?


Sunset rear view style...

Trees, trees and reflection of trees!

Oh, I could stay here all night to see how it changes...

As we were heading out of the park to make our way to Riverton (a pretty good distance away, we came across a big ‘ole herd of these dear just chomping away at the meadow.

Dinner alla Meadow--Crunch, chew--"So green and yummy, dontcha' think, Ralph?"

There are so many incredible images and photos from this day–they couldn’t all be inserted and included in this post…BUT we do want to share them with you.  So to accomplish this, here is a SLIDE SHOW of ALL THE PHOTOS (including the ones above) from our advenutres today–Enjoy~

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Next stop:  Riverton for a layover on the way to Rapid City to see Mt. Rushmore in South Dakota.



  1. WOW I know is loving the adventure. I’m really torn about telling him about this blog and spoiling the surprise but I know he would be LOVING this as much as he does the Monroe Gazette…..hmmm. You are right SGT Urbanski’s photo skills are wonderful!! 🙂 Can’t wait to see more

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