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Mt. Rushmore And The Corn Palace All In One Day!

Yep, South Dakota has a whole ‘lotta variety in its attractions…and funny postcards to mail, too–see the bottom of this post for explanation!

Next State....Next State Sign...Kelly's wondering how many of these she'll actually catch on pixel?

After a night’s sleep, we were ready to head up the Black Hills and see Mt. Rushmore.  Our morning started like most, in search of a Mickey D’s for a breakfast of sorts…round and round she goes, where she stops nobody knows–Our GPS give us a run for our money…  One of the benefits of circle searching (well, not exactly on purpose..), is that you get to see blocks of Rapid City more than once giving you a the opportunity to “observe!”

On one building was a big ‘ole American flag painted across it…No McDonald’s yet, but a great photo op.

The side of a building in Rapid City...while the GPS led us in circles trying to find breakfast!

With some kind help from the locals, Mickey D’s was found and our bellies filled and ready to see some of our country’s history.  The drive to the Black Hills was spectacular, the colors of the terrain, the plants, the blue, blue sky–WOW!  Not knowing what to expect, our eyes looked at every “rock” along the way, wondering is that it??  American flags and tourists shops began to sprout up every which way…ah ha, we must be getting closer…

Up the hill a bit further…and there it was high upon the hill, Mount Rushmore.

The beauty of the carvings in black and white.

…let us place there, carved high, as close to heaven as we can, the words of our leaders, their faces, to show posterity what manner of men they were.  Then breathe a prayer that these records will endure until the wind and rain along shall wear them away.” –Gutzon Borglum, Mount Rushmore Sculptor, 1930

The NPS has designed the memorial with incredible points of view.  As you’ll below, there’s no bad angle to take a photo.  We all agreed, this is a must see national treasure in our country.  Enjoy these images:

We're finally here!

Getting closer...

A statue of the sculptor. The man who's idea made this all possible!

Wow, what a perfect day!

In living color, it's breathtakingly amazing.

Can-Do, Cpt. Camel and Sgt. Urbanski posing at the Grand Rock!

What a great Father’s Day morning for Michael–how can we top this next year??

Happy Father's Day, Michael!

As we were leaving, the crowds were growing thicker and thicker, the early morning time is definitely the best time to visit by our standards.  As we left, there were just a few more images to record, upload and share!

So many vantage points, well designed.

Driving out of the park, what a great vantage point...

Just a 'lil blue flower calling out to photographed.

Back to the motel to mush, push, pack, stuff and tie down to the roof of the car…and head East to Sioux Falls, SD…and to the Corn Palace, of course, along the way!  What’s The Corn Palace, well we, too, wondered what in the world it could be…but Kelly heard that we “had to stop in to see it!”  It defies explanation, but it was fun, interesting and a great break from the long car ride across South Dakota.

Art from corn--who would have thought? Can you see Mia and Kelly in the lower center part of the picture?

The inside of the palace was amazing..yep, that was a bad play on words, but it was truly fascinating and beautiful to see what people can make from ears of corn!  Here’s another version of Mt. Rushmore..

Famous heads of corn...or is that made out of corn?

After that car ride, who wouldn’t be a little corny??  Even Sgt. Urbanski got in on the silliness of it all–Cpt. Camel and Can-Do politely declined…”Are they out of their ever-loving tree, Can-Do?  Imagine wearing corn and taking a photo…” grumbled Cpt. Camel just loud enough to be heard by all.

Cornheads--Too bad they didn't have Sgt. Urbanski's size!! Michael was smart, he played photog...

Mia got a new stuffed animal, a girl can never have too many, right?  Corney is the latest addition to the Camp Monroe Crew…and some crazy postcards…of course a t-shirt to remember this stop…and it’s time to get outta’ ear!

Mia and Corny!

One more goofy photo, though…

"Thanks for 'helping' Michael to join us for this goofy photo, folks"

Next Stop:  Wisconsin…through the lake ‘o lakes…a.k.a. Minnesota.


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