Posted by: themonroefamily | July 2, 2010

Spam and the Jolly Green Giant!

“When we recall the past, we usually find that it
is the simplest things—not the great occasions—that
in retrospect give off the greatest glow of happiness.”

— Bob Hope

Minnesota brought unexpected fun, laughs and destinations!  First things first…da sign:

Check out the sky behind the Minnesota Welcome sign...Isn't it stunning?

This drive was just supposed to be a through fair on the way to Wisconsin…but who knew that this is the home of the Jolly Green Giant??  We saw signs along the road about the JGG…and with some convincing, Kelly talked Michael into stopping in for just a moment…=-)

Hmm, never even heard of this 'lil town...are those giant foot steps I hear?

Sgt. Urbanski, what are your soldiers gonna' think of this one? First corn, now the Jolly Green Giant! Ho! Ho! Ho!

The things we'll do for a good picture--Kelly's the photog for this one...

If you look reallll close, you'll see Michael, Mia and Sgt. Urbanski in the photo, too. "Shh, Michael, don't say that, someone might here you! Grab what??" remarked Sgt. Urbanski!

With lots of giggles, memories for Michael and Kelly about the JGG, a few souvenirs to remember the stop, the Monroe’s were back in the car, stopped in a for bite to eat at Culver’s, on onward…

Kelly couldn't resist the sign and the beauty behind.

And a brief run into Iowa…if nothing else to catch a photo of “da sign of state.”

Where's the corn?

“A SPAM Museum??  No way, we gotta go, Michael!” Kelly said convincingly…and reluctantly Michael agreed.  “It really exists?” remarked Can-Do as the car rounded the corner onto SPAM Blvd.  “Yep, must be, check it out,” Sgt. Urbanski remarked.

What's this, Spam Blvd!!!???

Yep, there really is a museum of SPAM!!

A SPAM Mussum...but of course!

Everybody outside the museum de SPAM!

“Let’s go check out more of America’s history at the SPAM Museum!  Come on’ Mom and Dad, let’s go inside!”  called out Mia.  The museum was fun, well put together (those folks at SPAM have quite a sense of humor and a creative bent–this is a fun must-see, yes, we do mean it!) and quite frankly, interesting.

"Oh, what I would have given to have had some good 'ole SPAM while in A'stan," Can-Do smiled, "this is hog-heaven!!"

Mia posing with everyone...including SPAMY, the flying pig, her newest stuffed friend!

I guess this sign says it all.

Got a spot reserved just for us!

What a memory!  Thanks, Jim, for a special tour!  You’re awesome.  Remember to contact us about Kelly making a SPAM t-shirt pillow!

Eastward and the shadows.

Wisconsin Bound!



  1. The field of dreams was a nice visit and the towns in between were full of americana!

  2. Just saw your vehicle at sonic, in Carlsbad, NM… Although our town is small we enjoy the outdoors and many rivers also…Your site is a great idea, hope you enjoyed it here…Also, the best place to eat here is The Red Chimney but it’s closed on the weekend 😦 Another good place is The Trinity Hotel…I would like to hear what you think of our little bitty po-dunk town lol

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