Posted by: themonroefamily | July 2, 2010

SUPAA–Lake Michigan–Or Is That An Ocean?

Illinois here we come!

Another spectacular setting for the Illinois State Welcome sign.

After major storms the night before, we were headed out of dodge (or Chicago as the case really was) when Kelly received a call from Linda from The Great Lakes Board Company saying “Just stop by and see our beach area at Lake Michigan in Glencoe before you leave!”  Ok, that was all it took, the Monroe’s were off and driving as quickly as the GPS could find the place!

This is the sign we were greeted by!

How can you resist!  The wind was up, the lake (ha, looks more like an ocean) was rolling with waves…but Michael was game to SUP Lake Michigan!

Rolling waves, a bit of long can Michael stay on the top of that board?

Here he comes back to the beach...Have you noticed that he's the only one out there?

A beautiful panaramic photo of Lake Michigan--Can you see Michael on the lake?

Lifeguards Stacy and Marie save the day!

Michael, his board and the great sign.

Thanks, Linda, you have a great SUP’rtunity–We wish you a blessed summer.



  1. Hi Monroe Family!
    It was great to meet you guys! I am enjoying following your blog and seeing all of the beautiful pictures your posting! Can’t wait to see what’s to come. Good luck on the rest of the trip! : )
    – Lifegaurd Stacey

    • Thanks for the post, Lifeguard Stacey! We’re having a great time on our trip and will post some of Lake Hopatcong in Jersey soon….of course, it doesn’t hold a candle to Lake Mich!!!

      Hugs, Kelly, Michael and Mia

  2. Hi Monroe Family!!!

    Boy, it was so great to see you yesterday! Thank you for the wonderful lunch – especially for taking the time to stop by on your way thru Sugar Land!

    Please be safe and keep us posted on your travels. I would love to be along for the ride!

    Hugs to you all – R&R

    • It was great to see you both! We enjoyed our meal with you so very very much! Can you convince Pappasito’s to put up a restaurant in the SF Bay Area? =-)

      Have safe travels to PA to get Chris all settled…and send a t-shirt or two and they’ll return as pillows!

      Hugs and gratitude,

      Kelly, Michael and Mia
      who just finished SUP’ing in Lady Bird Lake in Austin where it’s HOTTTTTTTT!!

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