Posted by: themonroefamily | July 2, 2010

SUPAA: Mirror, Mirror On The Lake

“Mirror Lake, next exit…this is too good to pass up, it’s gotta be amazing with a name like that!” Kelly suggested.

This is an S & S...Stop and SUP--the name says it all!

After a bit of trying to find the entrance, the sign appeared..and we turned in to take advantage of this SUP’rtunity!  It was very hot, humid…and air conditioned in the car…not so much outside, but the SUP must go on…

They should have called this Green Mirror Lake!

Mirror, Mirror on the Lake, who's the fairest of the 9 year olds? Why, Mia, of course!

Wow, are there words for this beauty? Michael's on the right.

Mia paddling on the Mirror.

Kelly and Mia enjoying the paddle and view.

"Wave for the camera, Girls!"

Michael and Mia enjoying the moment of tranquility.

"Hmm, it's getting pretty jump in or not? It's pretty green, maybe better to stay on the board..."

More reflections, just can't resist 'em...

What a wonderful stop, thanks to the Wisconsin Ranger Team for making our stay even better.  You are terrific!

We were also blessed to find these wonderful images of patriotism and troop support.

With gratitude and prayers for America's Heroes.

Love those American flag images.


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