Posted by: themonroefamily | July 2, 2010

SUPAA-The Mississippi–Did I spell that write?

After a fun drive through Minnesota…but no SUP’rtunities…just as we crossed into Wisconsin…the Mississippi River looked too good to be true!!!!!!  “Should we?” asked Kelly.  “Well, let’s go see what it looks like first,” replied Michael.

“Wait, there’s the state sign, this’ll only take a moment,” as Kelly clicked her camera.

Kelly took just a moment to snap this far 100% for state signs!

We found the boat launch, Michael checked out The River and it was decided that he would be taking advantage of this SUP’rtunity!

Kelly snapped photo as Michael headed out for the other side of the Mississippi River before the sun's light went down for the day.

Michael's back from THE PADDLE!

Last few strokes of the paddle before the mosquitos decended for dinner.

Great job, Michael–You SUP’d the Mississippi!!  We had some boaters stop by to ask “What exactly is that thing?”

Here’s a few more images as a slide show:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Now, back in the car, itching the newest bites (a bite a state, right!), we headed off to negotiate the incoming storm and get to our hotel for the night.


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