Posted by: themonroefamily | July 5, 2010

Two More States and One Tornado…

The weather cleared enough for Michael’s brief SUP’rtunity in Lake Michigan…but the clouds never quite went away for good.

Looks so innocent...not a cloud yet in the sky!

Soon after we crossed into Indiana, the dark, ominous clouds (and humidity) began to build.  As time passed, lightening, winds and a whole lot of rain was falling.  We exited from the toll road (they nickle, dime and dollar you in these states!) and the tornado siren was wailing–YIKES, NOW WHAT!!  Back on the highway and drive like crazy….until, the storm did catch up with us and we sought shelter in Howe, IN, at a rest stop.  It was unnerving, a bit scary…and a big delay maker.

After 90 minutes of sheltering, the weather cleared enough to continue on to Mentor, Ohio…At about midnight (give or take) we crossed the state line and drove on until 2:30 a.m.  This was one of those experiences….we missed the Ohio sign coming into (too much rain, too late, etc.) and Kelly photographed the sign from the PA border the next morning.

Ohio! Almost there!


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