Posted by: themonroefamily | July 6, 2010

SUPAA: Smile You’re In PA!

As we crossed from Ohio in Pennsylvania, we were met with a big welcome!  Each state has its own ways of greeting people, it’s kind of interesting to see the various greeting styles and/or ways.

Wondering what awaits us in PA!

We decided to stop in at the Welcome Center and this photo op was too much  to pass up!

Cpt. Camel, Mia, Sgt. Urbanski and Michael are all smiles!

PA is beautiful and very green.  We enjoyed traveling along I-80..when we were crossing a big, beautiful river–“SUP’rtunity!” called out Michael.  We exited at the next exit and followed the road down to the river–which, of course, always seems to take forever!

Finally we found the river and a ‘lil town.  We parked, checked out a few places, enjoyed some chocolate…and inquired about the river, flow, dangers, etc.


Indeed, have an attitude of gratitude!

These three said, "take our photo, PLEASE!"

The colors, lines and nature's designs.

"Look at me!"

One wise gentleman suggested that we drive to Parker and check out the kayaking shop.  Over the bridge, and down the road we headed.

What a neat 'lil town!

The first thing we came across in Parker was these beautiful murals dedicated to our Troops!

A group of awesome paintings just inside this lil town. Thank you for your service!

With gratitude for our Freedoms.

Go Navy!

This one's for you, Christopher!

A bit further down the road, we found Parkers Landing Canoe and stopped in.  They were very friendly, knowledgeable and helpful.  After a bit of conversation, we got the ins, outs and be-aware-ofs needed to paddle the Alleghany.

Thanks, Parker Canoe, for the tips of success for SUP'ing the Allegheny!

Michael ventured in first to see what the river brought in terms of current and other conditions.

Such greenery and scenery...

Kelly and Mia found the river a bit more of a challenge and decided to “sit tight” for a bit and let Michael have some fun exploring!  Up to the bridge Michael went…

Do you see Michael?

Michael went all the way to the bridge giving some boaters pause for thought!

Kelly tried a second time…and got to SUP the Allegheny, too!  She captured some beautiful shots on the water.

Kelly's venturing out a second time, looks like too much fun!

Michael goin' for a 2nd SUP with Kelly.

Look at the paddle along the town's edge, what a true SUP'rtunity!

Mia hangin' out at the river's edge playing--look at those clouds and her smile!

After a bit more play on the river, we headed back in the car to drive on to New Jersey….hopefully to arrive before midnight!  Here’s a few more pics along with those above in a slideshow:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The almost full moon followed us through the PA highways all the way to Jersey…Lake Hopatcong SUP tomorrow!


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