Posted by: themonroefamily | July 9, 2010

SUPAA: Lake Hopatcong, New Jersey

Zoom! Click, click click...add another state sign!

The Garden State:  hmm, funny Michael and Kelly often think of a Newark factory type of image when imaging Jersey…but we were pleased to see lots and lots of greenery and beauty.  That turnpike will nickle, dime and dollar you to pieces!

We stopped in NJ for two reasons:  one, we were close to NYC for our launching the next day and two, we were close to Lake Hopatcong.  We’ll start with two, first,of course!  In planning our trip, Kelly and Michael looked at maps and the internet to find bodies of water that looked like a fun destination to SUP, even if they couldn’t pronounce the lake’s name!

Early in the morning the board’s were strapped on the roof and down the road with the GPS we went to The Lakeview Marina to launch our “boats!”  The owner of Lakeview Marina, Steve, was our ticket to launching as every boat ramp/launch point is private.  He’s a great guy, and provides outstanding  waterskiing lessons.  Many Mahalos, Steve!

At the launch point, the lake was still very still and Kelly snapped up lots of reflection shots–what a surprise, huh?

Wow, look at the reflection...before the boaters came by....

What an amazing morning view, imagine if this was what you awoke to every morning!  Steve, we’re just a bit envious!  Note how calm and perfect the conditions are…and how many boats there are….surf anyone?

We launched and began exploring the lake’s offerings…

Ready for Hopatcong, Sgt. Urbanski?

Mia's up and SUP'ing

Panoramic photos are amazing.

As the morning SUP’rtunity continued, our bellies started to grumble….and we “pulled up” to the Lake’s version of the snack shack!  This was a first for the Monroe’s.

A SUP snack shack!

Michael and Sgt. Urbanski with our flag.

After a delicous meal (and a bit of retail therapy–how else does Kelly get all those t-shirts from which to make quilts?), we headed back out for more surfing, err….SUPing…yeah, SUPing, sure…The boat traffic was beginning to increase and their wakes can be like surfing!  Michael does great with it, stays on his board just fine, but Mia and Kelly take no chances and hold for dear life–those lake grasses look kinda’ slimy…We all stay dry and on our boards for a great tour of the lake.

Lake Hopatcong has so many ways to choose to tour!

Smile for the camera, Mia and Michael!

On the way back to the hotel, we spotted an ice cream place and had to stop to sample the goods!  It turned out to be OUTSTANDING–and thanks goodness, just a one location location–a family owned shop.  Really tasty treat and funny flavor names, too.

With a sign like this, can the ice cream be anything but amazing??

Mia and Sgt. Urbanski have so many ice choices!!

Enjoying their ice creams out front--what yummy flavors!

Here’s a slide show of our SUPing at Lake Hopatcong:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Next stop:  NYC for Kelly’s family reunion!!!



  1. I know John would really like to be tasting that ice cream right now. So I hope that you all order an extra scoop to enjoy for him….lol. Love you guys

  2. PS…if you did order an extra scoop what flavor was it? Strawberry something by any chance….LOL

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