Posted by: themonroefamily | July 9, 2010

The Big Apple Tour

So close and yet so far…in traffic!  We made our way for a the short drive to NYC via the Holland Tunnel, with everyone and their uncle…cousins, aunts and friends!

Must be headed the right direction, don't need the GPS for this drive...

The Sky Line


After safely storing our boards and paddles at Reg’s house–Thank YOU, Reg, for your board-saving kindness!!–we got to venture out into The Big Apple with our expert tour guide and subway navigator:  Kelly’s Dad!  He still knows his way about the complex, and boy are they complex, subway tunnels, tubes, routes, etc.

Have tickets, will travel...the NYC Subway system. Michael, Mia and Kelly's dad.

American pride is apparent all over NYC.

The art in the subway in amazing and beautiful.

Times Square alive with lights and people *everywhere*

Lights, camera, action!

Mia's favorite part, Toys R Us in Times Square--4 floors!

Black and Whites from Zarros Bakery!

Mia’s favorite part, Toys R Us in Times Square–4 floors!

Grand Central Station--always a bustle and hustle.

Kelly, Mia and Michael in Grand Central Station.

What an amazing, energetic and great memory of NYC for all of us.  Kelly’s dad took us to Times Square, Toys R Us (the best part for Mia), Grand Central Station and Zarros Bakery for Black and Whites.  For Michael and Mia it was all a first, for Kelly it brought back many wonderful memories of being in NYC as a kiddo with her mom and dad.  Thanks, Dad, for a fun and memorable trip about NYC!



  1. Fabulous pictures of some incredible experiences of my former home town.Makes me want to go back.I was there last for my College reunion.Looks like you had amazing weather.It was oviously a New experience for Mia and Mike.The reunion looked sooo special.New York of course is an amazing city.When I was there last we walked from 23rd St.thru the Park to the end,also on a beautiful day.Thanks soooo much for sharing,Aloha,Christine

  2. Hey, I saw you going into New York the same time as my friends and I were headed to Long Island from Jersey and I snapped some shots off of your car real quick. You can find them on the 2nd and 3rd page of this album.

    • Thanks, Craig! You made us laugh! We’re almost home, crossed over the CA stateline last night!!

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