Posted by: themonroefamily | July 11, 2010

Sunday in the Big Apple

Our last full day in NYC was loaded with more great activities!  We started our day early with breakfast with Kelly’s dad and then it was off for a walk in Central Park to go to Kelly’s aunt’s place.  Central Park is reallllly big, and filled with lots of activities.  On this day there was marathon.  Joe and Mia played at one of a parks for a bit, then we headed to Kelly’s aunt’s.  For the first time visitor, Central Park seems like a big ‘ole maze with lots and lots of trees, but Kelly’s dad knows his way around very well.

At Kelly’s aunt’s place, we enjoyed our visit and then got to go to her building’s roof top garden–WOW!!  Lots of photo ops up there.

In the afternoon, Michael, Kelly and Mia went out to Brooklyn (after getting the truck out of parking lot hock–parking spaces surely don’t come cheap!) to have an early dinner at Peter Luger’s Steakhouse.  Michael’s favorite food group in the whole wide world is MEAT!  What a tasty and memorable meal we all enjoyed.  Even Sgt. Urbanski joined in the fun.

Since it was still early in the evening, we had time to drive around and do a bit of sight seeing from the air conditioned car.  We headed down to the Statue to Liberty Park in Manhattan.  We were blessed to find a parking spot (without $$$ signs attached to it!) and went exploring and clicking with the camera.

There are so many photos from this day that they are posted in a slide show below…Enjoy!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Next stop:  Gibbstown, NJ.



  1. Wow what a tour!!!

  2. u shooda boosted the banna

  3. I was out in the congress/stanton AZ. area gold hunting 2weeks ago with the “boat” as joe b called it we had a good trip and watch a man pan out a 3/4 oz. nugget!!!!! enjoy the west and just think of the pioneers who made this trip. Joe m

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