Posted by: themonroefamily | July 11, 2010

SUPAA–In Search of SUP’rtunies!

Our trip from NYC to Gibbstown, NJ, was interesting.  We left a bit late from NYC, got lost in the Bronx (that GPS!!!!!!!!!!!!) and the weather was a bit soggy, with lightening.  We skipped our planned SUPing in NJ…but we did see these wonderful images.

Heading out of NYC back into NJ, we saw this truck.

The two best things about Gibbstown, this flag and the next one!

Another awesome flag in Gibbstown.

The next morning we packed up, through the window of the Motel 6…looked like it had been done before judging by the condition of the window sil!

The Welcome Committee of Delaware was there to greet us!

Welcome to Delaware...and hopefully a SUP'rtunity!

Check out the sky behind the can't make this stuff up!

Hmm, tax free shopping–now that sounds like a good deal!!  We drove for a bit and then a beautiful lake appeared.  “SUP’rtunity!” called out Mia!  We pulled off the road and began looking a local to ask some important questions:  1.  How do you access the lake legally?  2.  Are there any dangerous critter under or on the water?

After a bit of driving we got our answers:  1.  Down the street over there is a public launch.  2.  None that I’ve ever seen!

Da Sign

Michael leads the touring of Haven Lake

Exploring the end of the lake.

Michael and Mia exploring further

Heading back to our launch point

Haven Lake was spectacular!  The reflections, water fowl and sky made our day.  It was  a bit hot and HUMID, but they say that’s all part of summer on the East Coast–whomever they are!

Here’s the slide show of all the photos:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Boards on the car, back on the road, we have a long ‘ole drive ahead of us to VA.


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