Posted by: themonroefamily | July 13, 2010

Virginia….Through Maryland…

Zoom!  After our adventures in Delaware, we headed to Maryland.  Before we knew it, the Virginia Stateline appeared.

Another state sign...and stateline!

The South Begins!

We noticed that each state has its own “flavor” and style.  Almost immediately upon crossing into Virginia, patriotism and troop support signs were in abundance.

A beautiful sign

With gratitude for your service and sacrifices.

Kelly captures many images of troop/Veteran support to share with our deployed troops.  This sign was just perfect to show our gratitude for their service.

As we continued south towards the Cheasapeake Bridge, we came across an ideal SUP’rtunity for the future…the time was short and the tide was out…that’s 2 for 2 on a no-go.  Sure was pretty though.

A marker to come to and SUP in VA above the Cheasapeake Bridge.

We wanta' go back here to SUP!

X marks the spot...and so do street signs...

Finally, we reached the Chesapeake Bridge…2 tunnels and many, many miles of amazing sights from the bridge.

The Sunset from the Cheasapeake Bridge--WOW!!

We arrived in Chesapeake, VA, successfully after navigating the crazy highway “system”!



  1. Oh My GOD!!! The sunset makes me think of what it could be like in heaven!!! I have to have that pic if you please – I’d love to use it as a background for something!!!

    Now I’m really busy, keeping up with your America Tour and my boys traveling from Houston to PA!!!

    You all be safe!


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