Posted by: themonroefamily | July 14, 2010

SUPAA: Duck, Duck….SUP in the Outer Banks!

We're here!!!

Today’s adventure brought us into North Carolina for SUP’ing in Duck, North Carolina.  Yep, there’s really a Duck–never mind what our GPS claimed.

Every town, it seems, needs a water tower!

Duck, Duck, Goose....

Rob from Outer Banks SUP met us at, what else, Duck Park, of course!  Rob’s kind and giving nature combined with his expert knowledge of this area was invaluable to our successful SUP’rtunity at OBX (shorthand for Outer Banks!).  Rob teaches lots and lots of folks how to SUP, and we’d recommend you contact him if you’re going to Duck.  Thanks for your kindness, Rob….and your service to our great nation.  Oh, and definitely ask Rob about the Big Hook–they make carrying these big ‘ole boards a snap.  A definite must have if you’ll need to carry your board more than 2 feet!

Michael, Team Outer Banks SUP, in Duck--that's a lot of "u"s

Kelly paddles the Outer Banks

Check out Mia, ready to take on any wave or wake from boats!

Our day was a bit rainy and stormy, we were blessed to paddle in between storms–no shortage of that lovely humidity, though.  We had a wonderful paddle, actually got to see a red deer near the water tower, and paddled over to see the Osprey’s nest–ok, sort of near as they will fiercely defend their babies!  This area is beautiful!

These two will defend their nest to your death!

With our SUP’ing, we worked up an appetite….and Duck Donuts was our next stop…YUMMY, there’s no better way to describe those hot donuts, like none other we’ve ever tasted,  You were right, Rob!

These will give Leonard's Malasadas a run for their money!

With that name, can you resist?

We toured about the rest of the day, enjoying some local tidbits and tasty morsals…and picked up some unique t-shirts!!

Next Stop:  Hertford, NC, and Camp Lejune, NC.

Here’s a slideshow of all of our photos from today:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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