Posted by: themonroefamily | July 17, 2010

Camp Lejune, Cpl. Posey and a Quilt

Some history first….about the time that Michael and Kelly’s nephew, Christopher, graduated from the Marine’s bootcamp, Kelly made a t-shirt quilt for his mom, Michael’s sister, from a bunch of t-shirts that her children wore growing up…this started a t-shirt quilt craze!

Which lead to…Kelly collecting t-shirts that were patriotic and/or all about the Marines for Chris’ quilt while he was deployed in Afghanistan.  Knowing we were going to get to see Chris on our “road trip,” she thought it was just the right time to finish up the quilt.  Here’s some of the progress in the making of the quilt:

Cpt. Camel, Sgt. Bear and Can-Do helped Kelly with the quilting of the t-shirt quilt!

God Bless America!

The Marine's Regan Quote

Thank you to all of our who serve and have served.

Chris' Quilt

Finally, Camp Lejune and the GPS actually got us here…sorta’ after the help of a kind officer in a town about 90 miles helped lead us to the correct highway (the GPS was insistent that we were off roading!!

Camp Lejune

Chris sponsored us and we were able to drive on Camp Lejune and visit with him…and see his new truck!  Chris, you’ve done a terrific job picking out your truck.  Enjoy and drive safely!

Chris and his new truck!!

Chris, Mia and the new red truck!

One last photo!

And next, quilt time, as Kelly would say!  Here’s Chris receiving Da Quilt ‘o T-Shirts!  It’s pretty good sized, probably 80 inches x 68 inches, give or take…

Chris receives his t-shirt quilt.

Our time zoomed by.  We enjoyed a delicious dinner all together and before you knew it, it was time to drive to the next Motel 6 in Wrightsville and Chris had an early morning inspection to prepare for.  I bet he passed just fine, Chris takes so much pride in all that he does!

On the way from Hertford to Camp Lejune



  1. Kelly – How exciting to visit your nephew! He looked so happy to see family! WOW – the quilt is beautiful!!! Looks like you are having a wonder time. Be safe! Let us know when you get back to San Fran!

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