Posted by: themonroefamily | July 17, 2010

It’s Been 28 Years In The Making!

Michael and his friend, Norman, served aboard the USS Pogy while they were in the US Navy…..28 years ago!!!  Michael and Norman have kept in touch over the years, but the miles apart kept them from seeing one another, until this trip, that is.  We headed out of Chesapeake, VA, back into North Carolina to Hertford, NC.  Over the green hills, down and up and across we drove.  North Carolina is a green and beautiful place.

So what do former submariners do….why, go in the water, of course!  We picked up Norman (admired his mom’s wonderful garden, butterflies and all) and headed for the Perquimans River with the boards.  Norman was game to give SUP’ing a try!

Have boards will try--Norman and Michael

Norman's going to try SUP'ing with Michael

From the boat launch at the Perquimans River

Even Mia joined in on the SUP’rtunity…

Mia joined in on the SUP'rtunity

After a bit of paddle, and fun, Michael and Norman caught up on old times together

Pier side of sorts!

We all had a terrific visit together and wished we had lots more time to spend.  We’d definitely like to visit with Norman again very soon….Come on out to the Left Coast, Norman!  Stay awhile!

Here’s a slide show of our time together:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.



  1. Mike and kelly thanks for all the beautiful pictures you took on your trip to right coast. I know you guys had a great time, take care and God bless. Thanks for the visit. I let you know when I decide to come visit with you guys for a while

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