Posted by: themonroefamily | August 6, 2010

Happy Birthday, America, from East to West Florida

Our 4th of July began with an early morning visit with Jason from I Wear Your Shirt to delivery his very own T-shirt quilt!  Jason’s very innovative and creative–he’s created a fun company that utilizes a unique process and idea to market your product–Hat’s off, Jason, You’re Terrific!

Jason, Da Quilt, Kelly, Sgt. Urbanski and Mia

We had a great time visiting with Jason and being a small part of your day.  Enjoy your quilt and thank you for the donation to our favorite charity,

Jason and Sgt. Urbanski with Jason's Pillow To Hold Onto

Next stop, Cracker Barrel with Sgt. Urbanski–makes us think of the wonderful time we had together with the Urbanski’s last summer!

The Monroe Family and Sgt. Urbanski at Cracker Barrel!

Mia and Sgt. Urbanski rockin' at Cracker Barrell!!

Then the journey west to Pensacola…that’s a long trip with miles and miles….and miles of road….We stopped at Walton Beach (I hope that’s its correct name!)…and it surely was amazing, beautiful and sad because of the effects of the oil spill.

What a beautiful treasure!

Kelly befriended a “look-out” friend, Jon!  She climbed up on a lifeguard lookout post and joined Jon…and then had to have lots of help getting back down!

Here’s a photo of all us after the “help” from Michael to get down….

Here's Jon! We met when Kelly climbed up a lifeguard tower to take photos....and, well the getting down wasn't, um, so easy!

And a photo of the three of us…

We took turns with a family taking eachother's photos--Thank YOU!

Here’s a slide of the day…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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