Posted by: themonroefamily | August 6, 2010

Texas, food and friends!

We headed for Houston in the morning…headed to yet another delicious restaurant with R & R…they know all the best places!  We enjoyed our visit together, catching on all the news that new in eachother’s lives.  Thanks, R & R for a great lunch and time together…and for not looking at the boards on the top of the truck with too much “wonder about those 3” in the your eyes!!!



  1. We enjoyed the visit with you all… TOO SHORT!

    Next year we will make it longer!

    Too bad we did not have your camera! That will be next year too!


  2. Oh Miss R I wish we would have thought to click the camera, I think my brain may have been melting in the 101 plus temps…some of us aren’t so used to those big temps!

    And, yes, much longer next year…and you wanna learn to paddle? How’s Austin for a spot to visit along with the city of Houston?

    Hugs, K

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