Posted by: themonroefamily | August 8, 2010

SUPAA–Downtown Austin

Thanks for the GREAT ideas on SUP'rtunities in downtown!

We called ahead to learn about SUP’rtunities in Austin, and Andy from Austin Paddle was so very generous with sharing all the right places to paddle.  His kindness and interest  in our fun made our SUPday in Austin just perfect.  Be sure to contact Austin Paddle when you’re in Austin!

Austin was our first paddle experience within  a downtown setting and we enjoyed many, many photo ops!

We were rewarded with a great place after a bit of circle searching.

We were greated by Austin's City Gang....of begging, no make that demanding, ducks. There were relentless and not fearful of people in the least.

"Wow, look at this! This is just beautiful!"

Kelly and Mia and the reflections

Michael with downtown in the background

The three of us together!

Mia's paddle confidence is wonderfully captured in this reflection.

Time for a rest in the shade, this heat and humidity is pretty high...even at 9 a.m.

Those are a few of the favorite photos and here’s the slide show.  R, if you’re reading this, wanna check out Austin next year?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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