Posted by: themonroefamily | August 8, 2010

SUP’rtunities and Waterslides…in the same day!

Our view from our room....SUP'rtunity!

“Wow, look at the river!  Last one in’s a rotten egg!” called out Sgt. Urbanski.  The sun was out, skies were clear and the SUP’rtunity was just right.

Sgt. Urbanski and Mia waiting to SUP!

Sgt. Urbanski and Kelly SUP'ing the Comal River at sunset.

Michael and Mia paddling up the Comal River, just around the corner would be lots of people in tubes!

Mia and Kelly coming back down the Comal...goin' with the flow!

The next morning we awoke to clouds, clouds…and likely a whole lotta’ rain for the day.  But as bad as that might sound, it really turned out great—apparently many who would want to come to Schlitterbahn on  a warm day (making very, very long lines for everything) don’t like to be like a duck in the pouring rain!

The place was practically empty and the lines were short…and we were prepared with rain/splash gear and were totally comfortable all day long.

Wow, look at all those waterslides!

There are so many fun photos for our day together on the slide, that it’s best shown as a slideshow….

This slideshow requires JavaScript.



  1. Now that looks like a blast!!! NEXT TIME – I’m goin!!! R&R

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