Posted by: themonroefamily | August 28, 2010

SUP’rtunities in New Mexico???

Another time zone...and sign to prove it!

And yet another state sign...getting closer to CA!

We all had a preconceived notion of catus, arid land, heat and blue, blue sky….and no water in sight…when we considered New Mexico…just a place to drive through to get to Lake Powell.  Boy ‘o boy, were we wrong!  New Mexico is beautiful, many sights to see…and filled with lakes and SUP’rtunities galore.

We first “landed” at Brantly Lake..and then heard about The Bottomless Lakes up by Roswell.  Well, since pictures over a 1000 words, we’ll stop typing and play the slide show–a definite must-see-again state!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.



  1. OH MY – Who would have ever thought – suping in NM! I want to go to the lakes – isn’t GOD wonderful!

    Thanks Kelly for sharing your amazing trip with us – informative and fun! What wonderful memories you and Michael are creating with your daughter!


  2. Love the Purple Heart Trail and now John finally has the medal to go with it! Amazing. You guys truly make us feel like we are always in your hearts and with you in spirit! Thanks for being our family.

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