Posted by: themonroefamily | October 7, 2010

Almost Home…

We passed through Vegas with one stop….The Coca Cola store for Sgt. Urbanski!   No photos allowed…but we did pick up a few goodies for Sgt. Urbanski, maybe by now he’s received them.  It sure has taken us long enough to actually complete the blog for our trip…but this will be our last entry for SUPAA!

You know you’re almost when…you get to Baker, CA, and stop in at The Mad Greek diner for some treats.  Crazy place, good food and wacky decor as you’ll see.


See, the decor is well, umm, ahh....



"Sgt. Urbanski I know you've been in the car forever, but do you think climbing up the statue is a good idea?"



Hmm, wondering who else had the climbing idea, too??


Back in the car to the destination du jour…some lil town in southeastern CA…for the night.

Pack up one more time…and let’s head home.  The last leg of our trip seemed long, maybe because it was mostly on Highway 5 and that’s a familiar sight.  We were certain that there more no more SUP’rtunities for this trip….WHEN….we saw this one lil sign and waterway.


SUP'rtunity!!! One last time for the trip...


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Next stop:  Home Sweet Home…as Michael would say Bed Sweet Bed…those hotel/motel beds are an interesting sort…some of ’em will last a lifetime as they’re like a board!



  1. The scenery is absolute spectacular!!! Thanks for sharing – OH Mia is growing up to be a beautiful young lady!!!


  2. Well, Monroe Family, John got all his wonderful gifts and was overwhelmed at how much you all had for and with him while he was half way around the world. Each item made him smile but a bit teary eyed as well. The patriotic cokes went on a shelf along with the cup, doll, quilts etc. He wouldn’t even consider taking that cup with him. He didn’t want there to be any friendly fire if someone messed it up. We are both continuely astounded by the unending/unconditional love and support you all give. He is back at his home away from home but we are half way through now. Thanks so much for we couldn’t walk this journey alone!

    • Regina,

      I can hardly wait until we can make a poster sized photo of Welcome Home photo from Buffalo, WY. Stay strong for him and you! Cpt. Camel and Michael will head off to the kitchen and bake up something nice for him to munch on…BYOM…bring your own milk!

      Hugs, Kelly

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