Posted by: themonroefamily | September 8, 2010

Arizona: Lake Powell

The Navajo Nation was filled with scenery that was magnificent, mile after mile.

Moving westward...AZ

Just look up...but keep your eyes on the road, Michael!

Can't think of a more creative word than...WOW! Just let the photo speak the other 999 words.....

We came through the latter part of our drive through the Navajo Nation in the dark and didn’t see the last 60 miles or so coming in to the Lake Powell area.  The next morning we awoke to see magnificent beauty ALL OVER, every direction.  A landscape that left us speechless and Kelly clicking with her camera.

We enjoyed a delicious breakfast and then headed out on our SUP boards for a day of paddle.  The water was like glass, the weather getting hot and the sky’s blue and dotted with just the right amount of clouds.

Michael and Mia making progress to other side to explore.

We paddled and paddled across the lake to get to one of the many inlets, and it was amazing and still calm.

Look at the size of those rocks compared to Mia!

…and more…

Kelly's paddle and explorin' about...

After a nice exploration and we started to think about heading back to the dock…and the winds picked up and up and up…the winds came up to over 25 m.p.h. out of what seemed to be no where.  We tried to fight it, but the waves came up and it was apparent we were stuck.  We approached a kind boating family…and they put our boards on the boat and took us back to the marina, our starting point.  Lesson learned….we’d love to go back, but renting a house boat to get to and fro to the beautiful inlets!

Here’s the photo shoot…

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  1. I am amazed at the beautiful sky! Hope all is well with you on the West Coast!

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